Thursday, March 10, 2011

Right kinds of calories

You shouldn't have to be too concerned with the amount of calories you eat if you keep track of kinds of calories you consume.  Proteins are good because they keep you full for a longer time, and you burn more calories by digesting them.  Along with Proteins good fats are essential because they keep you full, and your body stops taking in more fat when you consume healthy ones.  Vegetables also play a key role in calorie burning because you burn more calories digesting vegetables than consuming them.  Carbohydrates don't contribute to fat loss because they can be stored as fat if you already have enough energy stored.  Also, carbohydrates make you feel hungry shortly after eating them.  This doesn't mean you shouldn't have any carbohydrates because they are a quick source of energy especially after workouts when energy stores are depleted. So, before you start counting calories I would see how eating the right amounts and kinds of calories works.


  1. My fitness guru, Tony Horton, says that if he cannot pronounce it, you should not eat it. I have long believed that this a correct principle. It keeps us away from the processed foods that are packed with hidden fat and carb calories that are not good for our bodies. I do agree that we have attacked fat unfairly. It is a source of energy and when eaten properly and good for the brain. Carbs should be complex so they take longer to breakdown. Any thoughts on this?

  2. I feel like keeping track of the calories I eat would be hard. Maybe because I just don't dedicate time to that. I wonder if it's a regular thing for a lot of people to keep track of all the calories they consume. Do you do this on a daily basis?