Monday, January 31, 2011


There are far too many kids, adults, and people who don't have any nutritional values.  I feel that I can help people limit grocery bills and modify food selections. I'm a college kid who makes do with whats available, only spending money on a few groceries, and limited amounts of healthy food sources from fast food chains.  I contribute some of my knowledge about this subject to research, school, and through observations of others.  I'm a Exercise Science major along with a Nutrition minor, so living a healthy lifestyle is very important to me.  I would like to be a sports nutritionist someday, so staying involved with athletics and healthy food choices will help me stay focused.


  1. Being in college, I personally feel like students don't pay attention to what they eat because it is more convenient that way, myself included. I honestly don't pay attention to what I eat when I know in the long run this will affect me. Miles, I am looking forward to read your blog and hope to gain an understanding of nutritional values that I should abide by.

  2. What an excellent major/minor combination! I have thought of changing my minor to nutrition after taking FSN 101. I really enjoyed that class.

    I agree that everyone these days have lost a real focus on food. I don't think our bodies were designed for the type of food we are putting in our mouths. As a mother of 2 children, I worry that they are not getting the valuable nutrients they need when I am not providing it.

    I think part of the problem is that people do not know what they should eat and when. Because we live in a world of convenience we no longer get all of the nutrients delivered at the same time or even at all thus diminishing the maximum usage of what we put in. We often are just eating calories.

    What do you think?

  3. I think this is a great topic to share! Not many people, including myself, know very much about nutrition except the basics that are taught. I know from just taking some of the KPE classes required that food takes much more of a toll on your heath then I at least ever realized. Such as what the food does in your body when you eat late. I think the combination of your major and minor work so well together! They reflect on each other more then people would probably think. Also saving money as a college student is very good because we are poor! Any tips would be excellent!

  4. I wish that I had found your blog earlier in the semester! This is such a good idea, so many people need help learning how to make smarter choices when it comes to knowing what we should be eating, and realizing that there are smart ways to spend your money when it comes to food. I know that myself, most of my money spent on food goes towards pasta and fast food because those seem to be the cheapest and easiest ways to eat, being your typical poor college student. I'm interested to learn how you get around that!